Our Community

The Broken Sound Master Association (BSMA) was formed in 1985 as the “umbrella” association over a PUD (Planned Unit Development) of 28 Homeowner Associations (HOAs, known as Villages), two apartment communities, the Broken Sound Country Club and 3 commercial parcels.  Our mission is to preserve, maintain and enhance all the common (shared) property through volunteer leadership.

YOU – the homeowners – are BSMA.  You impact how the association operates its affairs through all aspects of volunteer service; working on committees, attending meetings, staying informed, offering feedback and suggestions.

We are governed by the Broken Sound governing documents (the Declaration, Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws), as well as state statutes.  The BSMA Board consists of 5 elected members.

Each of the 28 villages are incorporated as separate Homeowners Associations with their own set of governing documents, their own Board of Directors, their own budget and their own management company responsible for the activities of that community.  In the “Residents” section of this web site, you will find links to each Village’s governing documents.

Shared Property Maintained by BSMA
Total Broken Sound PUD Acres – 1,100
Lakes – 111 acres – 21 Lakes
Perimeter wall – 4 miles
Roadways – 5 miles
Walking Path – 3 ½ miles
Fountains – 5
Preserves – 4 open areas to be maintained
Trees – Over 1,953 trees trimmed annually
Lighting – Over 1,000 lights, (500 at main entrance)
Guard Houses – 4: Main Gate, North Gate, Banyans Gate, Construction Gate (No exit)

Assessments and Voting
Funding to maintain and improve the shared common elements noted above is collected through Assessments. The assessments charged are based on a millage rate that is tied to the Palm Beach County tax assessed values as outlined in our governing documents.

Voting is also based on the Palm Beach County tax assessed values.  Each of the HOA and Non-HOA members appoint representatives to vote in Broken Sound matters and their votes are weighted according to real estate assessed values.

Broken Sound Master Association and the Broken Sound Club are two separate entities entirely.  The Club operates under its own set of governing documents, its own Board, budget and committees.  To visit the Broken Sound Club’s web page, click here.